How to Prepare


In order to make the most of your session, you should take the following steps prior to visiting a tutor:

  • Carefully study the course material you have been assigned in order to grasp as much of it as you can on your own.
  • Attempt to do the homework on your own before you come see a tutor. The goal of tutoring is to develop your ability to solve problems without assistance.  Tutors can assist you most effectively when you present them with specific questions or difficulties you have with the course material. 
  • Bring your textbook, class notes, and if appropriate, a calculator.
  • Tutors are most helpful when you are not under extreme time pressure.  Don't wait until the night before a due date or test to visit a tutor; tutors may be very busy then, especially in large, centralized courses such as organic chemistry.

Make sure you know the course number and section for which you need help. You will be asked for this information before tutoring begins.